Ever since the first free conference call services emerged we at My Radio Station knew we could expand our services to offer FREE broadcasting to anyone. 

While Satellite Radio caters to the rich and famous,  we set out to develop a service that was for the starving artist, small town pastor, local High School, Charity Groups or the Small Band playing in the club tonight.  We do this as an outreach to the people everywhere that simply cannot pay the big bucks for advertising and air time on traditional radio.

We keep our service FREE so anyone can afford it.  We give you all the tools you need to be heard.  Truly you can say YOU CAN HEAR ME NOW!

I know it's hard to believe but, My Radio Station service is really free, no cost, no fees of any kind.  Just fill out the form on the following page and one of our representatives will call you within a day or so and get you heard tonight.   

"I've been playin my heart out at the local bars and clubs in Nashville hoping to be heard. Now with My Radio Station my MOM and DAD back home can hear me play tonight "

– Aiden Johnson


"Highly recommended. I can't recommend My Radio Station highly enough."

–  Liam Ansley


"I have to travel and can hardly attend my daughter's sporting event.  Now with My Radio Station I can hear my daughter's Volley Ball Games live.  "Wow" what a concept!."

– Keith Gates

"I've been playing in the New York City Subways for change trying to sell my CDs. Now when someone ask for a demo I say just dial me up and YOU CAN HEAR ME NOW thank you My Radio Station you've changed my life"

- The African Beat

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