​How it Works

​1.  From the Contact Page apply for a Call-In-Number and Pin (Extension) Please include your Name, Phone Number, E-Mail and Referral Code if applicable along with any comments.

​2. We will contact you within a day or two and send over a Letter of Authenticity for you to sign attesting that you are the owner of the intellectual property ( Songs, Sermons, Speeches, Recitals etc.... ) This form can be FAX or E-Mailed to us at  (877) 207-5366 FAX or E-Mailed to: Support@My-Radio-Station.com

​3. You will then either E-Mail us your material in MP3 format to Support@My-Radio-Station.com for files less than 20 MB or send via Drop Box if files are larger than 20 MB.

Note: All material submitted are subject to review by My Radio Station.  We will not post any hate or sexually explicate content or any group specified on a Government watch list.  You will be notified if for any reason we feel that these conditions apply.

4. Once we have received your Letter of Authenticity we will post the MP3 file you have provided us and E-Mail you with your assigned Call-In-Number  and Pin Number(s) we have assigned you. 

We ask that you verify the content and send us back an E-Mail Support@My-Radio_station.com  or FAX (877) 207-5366 saying you have reviewed the material and giving us permission to post your content.

5. We will then distribute in person or mail you Pass Along Cards to notify your listeners of the Call-In-Number and Pin Number(s) to use so they can listen to your content.

6. My Radio Station reserves the right to terminate any service at anytime if we feel that service is illegal or poses a threat to our business or listeners or the material provided infringes upon any copyrights.

If you feel your material is being used without your permission please, contact us immediately so the material can be removed from our system.

7. You agree to use this service at your own risk. You agree to hold My Radio Station LLC and  it owners, members or affiliates harmless for any damages or loss of revenue from using these services.

8. My Radio Station LLC offers these services free of charge to its users and listeners that can call in toll free to the Call-In-Numbers in the United States of America. 

9. You agree that all legal issue brought up will be litigated by the laws of the State of Utah USA, Salt Lake County. 

To Contact Us:

My Radio Station, LLC

2150 S 1300 E, Suite 500

Salt Lake City, UT 84106

(877) 207-5366